Literal bitcoin bros the Winklevii have made a habit over the past five years of making statements that simultaneously make you question how they got into Harvard, and yet also understand how Zuck allegedly nicked the idea for Facebook off them.

Who, for instance, can forget their assertion that bitcoin was a better store of value than gold because Elon will eventually mine an asteroid full of the shiny stuff, leading to a ruinous supply/demand imbalance?

But we’re not sure even that compares to this tweet from Cameron Winklevoss on Wednesday about yet another subject that every bitcoin bro is suddenly an expert on: inflation.

Ouch indeed.

If Cameron is right, inflation is running hot hot hot. Forget ShadowStats or The Chapwood Index, we’re on course for a new Weimar Republic. Wheelbarrows at the ready.

Given this alarming discovery we thought, why not create an index so this particular Winklevii can track the tumultuous path of inflation since Dollar Tree’s founding all the way back in 1986?

May we present to you, the Contrarian Winklevii Index:

If you’re interested in licensing this proprietary data please contact an FT Alphaville team member for full details. There will be a 25 per cent price rise from Monday to account for inflation, so get it while you can.

Hat tip: Joe Weisenthal.

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