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Become a successful blockchain developer in the present digital world by honing these practical skills.

Blockchain is a major element of the present evolving world of cryptocurrency and digital money on the internet. The concept of blockchain was first applied to the emergence of Bitcoin in 2008, with the notion of protecting the transaction database from hackers or anyone else attempting to take control. Blockchains store information in blocks tied in chains together. Whatever data is stored in the blockchain, it cannot be changed in the future. After its success in securing Bitcoin transactions, a lot of organizations like Amazon, Facebook, Google, and IBM have come forward in using blockchain technology. This has created a high demand for capable blockchain developers in the market.

Blockchain Developers: A master of all

To win the competitive race of becoming a successful blockchain developer, one must be a master of all the fundamental elements of web development. He would require having extensive knowledge about data structures, algorithms, cryptography, and computer networking. There are two major types of blockchain developers available in the market. Blockchain software developers create applications based on the protocols of the blockchain. They also develop decentralized applications to be used in Blockchain. On the other hand, core Blockchain developers build the architecture of the Blockchain and design the corresponding protocols.

5 major skills to become a successful Blockchain developer

Data Structures

Blockchain developers need to be familiar with various forms of data structure because the majority of Blockchain network consists of data structure. It is basically a system that stores data, organize it, and modify it as per necessity. Any kind of effective program is made of proper data structures. So, the Blockchain developers must have credible knowledge in a data structure to be able to build Blockchains.

Web Development

Knowledge of web development is the most basic skill that a Blockchain developer should possess. It is the elementary aspect of web designing and maintenance of websites. Knowing about web development would help the Blockchain developers to understand more about the technology of Blockchain and it would lead them to build robust web apps.


Cryptography is a major part of Blockchain technology, which is why it is important for Blockchain developers to know about it. Cryptography is the actual element that makes Blockchains inaccessible. It is used in every transaction through cryptocurrency. The concept of the key is very important in cryptography. The key is the tool that establishes the ownership of the cryptocurrency wallet. On the basis of the key, cryptography can be of three types like symmetric-key cryptography, public-key cryptography, and hash functions. Blockchain developers need to know about cryptography to understand the function of Blockchain technology.

Blockchain Architecture

Blockchain developers are expected to have specialized knowledge about the decentralized form of a network of Blockchain architecture. It is actually a group of computers that are connected with each other, but they do not have any central server. This architecture is currently used in cryptocurrencies, digital notary, smart contracts, and record-keeping on the internet. So, it is an essential skill for Blockchain developers to acquire.

Smart Contracts

A vital element of a blockchain solution is a smart contract and hence, it is popular among Blockchain developers. It helps operate a transaction between two domains without any intermediary help. These contracts are used in various languages like Viper and Chaincode. It is also popular in industries like construction and law. These contracts are self-executing as they will be automatically complete after the conditions of both parties are resolved.

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